When it comes to gate crashing, you know the bridesmaids are always looking for the worst possible ways to ‘torture’ the groom and his squad. They are tasked to come up with creative and funny games to torture but not kill the groomsmen. After all, we still want the wedding to go on. So here are some quirky but yet funny gate crash games that bridesmaids can use, making it one less worry as you don’t have to crack your head figuring out what to do.


One lucky groomsmen will be assigned to be the makeup artist, and the treat is that he will be blindfolded throughout this makeup session. He would then have to apply lipstick on 2 other groomsmen with the help of the groom’s verbal instructions. Once the lipstick has been applied, the groom will direct the groomsmen to kiss 1 picture out of 5 different celebrities.


The groom will have to identify several parts of his bride’s facial features (eg. eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, etc) from a pile of pictures that also includes the bridesmaids and other female celebrities’ cut outs. The groomsmen faces would be placed on a Pie Face Machine, where for every 15 seconds, the bridesmaid will turn the handle of the Pie Face Machine. Therefore, the groom has to quickly find the correct images within each 15 seconds timeframe to save his brothers.


Men and Yoga seldom goes hand in hand, hence it’s the perfect gate crash game to test out their flexibility. Bridesmaid will have to prepare a couple of group yoga poses, and the groomsmen will have to replicate it and hold these poses for at least 5 seconds. Having them do it in funny costumes would definitely make this an even more memorable gate crashing game.

To take it a step further, you can have the groom proclaim out loud on one thing he loves about the bride for each pose they replicate.


Inspired by the popular Korean variety games, this game aims to create a real and a fake concoction of a drink or dish. The kick to this game is that it’s difficult to differentiate the real from the fake. Hence, they would need to use all of their eye power to pick the real one and subsequently finishing the chosen drink or dish. The groomsmen would still be able to win this game even if they picked the fake ones, by finishing it within a timeframe for it to be counted as a win.

Here are some recipes we would recommend:

- Fish Sauce+ ice coffee vs Ice coffee

- Salty milk/ chocolate milk vs Normal milk

- Vinegar+ coke vs Coke

- Wasabi + Pandan Cake vs Pandan Cake


Why not leave the fate of the concoction to the groomsmen instead? The bridesmaid would need to prepare a variety of tools ranging from chopsticks, to ladle, to Chinese soup spoon, to a bowl or even a tooth pick. And without informing the groomsmen on what this game is about, they will have to choose a tool before the entire rules of the game can be explained.

Next up, they will have to lucky draw a slip containing numbers from 1 to 5. This number will determine the amount of serving based on the tool for their ingredients to be mixed into the concoction.

A tip would be to play it safe and ensure that the concoction is palatable. This is to make sure that the groomsmen would be able to survive throughout the day without suffering from a bad stomach ache and rushed trips to the bathroom.