Types of Bridesmaids

A bride will always pick her closest friends or siblings to be her bridesmaid as she will feel most comfortable with them and able to trust them. Being a bridesmaid means you will be helping her with her wedding preparations and be there for her when she needs help to make any important decision during the process. This comes with a lot of responsibilities and is important to work together as a bridesmaid team to help the bride with the ongoing preparation prior to her wedding.

Most of the time when a group of females come together from different groups the biggest challenges will be dealing with the different personalities portrait by all the other bridesmaid.

When you attend more wedding or be a bridesmaid yourself, you will start realising there are different types of bridesmaid from always ready in being a bridesmaid to emotional bridesmaid.

1. The always-ready bridesmaid

She might be the best candidate to be your maid-of-honour. She will not be late for your wedding and she makes sure your other entire bridesmaids are ready and organised from group chats to checklists. She is an important role in the group of bridesmaids as she is able to make sure that on your wedding day itself everything goes according to the schedule.

2. The go-with-the-flow bridesmaid

Everybody has a friend that is unable to make a decision in all sorts of minor things let aside major decisions and they will always go with the flow. This bridesmaid will not give you much of a problem because she will be able to calm the group down when things get heated.

3. The party girl bridesmaid

She will be the bridesmaid that will make the bachelorette night will be loaded with fun and laughter. Moreover, she will know all the good places to party the night away and making sure the bride will have a good time. You can also assign the role of gate crash planning of activities to this bridesmaid, as she will know how to torture the groomsmen to make it interesting and fun-filled.

4. The control freak bridesmaid

If you have a controlling bridesmaid that want to take charge of everything this can be helpful if you are a bride that is super easy going and very relaxed. She will be able to help you with the planning of your wedding. This bridesmaid will help you to control your spending on your wedding and the decision you make for everything. However, if you a bride that likes to take charge and make your own decision, this might be a problem for you and this may result in potential disagreements.

5. The always late bridesmaids

There is always one person that will be late for engagement party, rehearsal, wedding day itself. there is always bound to have that one bridesmaid who will be late when you specifically told them the time to meet and this might affect the wedding day schedule as if you are late for the makeup and hair and this means it has to push back a certain thing. It is better to always reach early to see if there is anything you can lend a helping hand. You will not want to turn up late and make the bride worried or even be angry with you on their special day.

6. The emotional bridesmaid

This bridesmaid will be the one who is emotional when you ask her if she can be your bridesmaid and she will be in tears when she sees you at the ceremony saying your vows and thank you speech. Nevertheless, it will be such a beautiful sight to watch as she is really happy about your marriage. It will be all tears of joy seeing the bride got married to someone she loves knowing she will receive all the happiness and live a blissful life.