You only get one shot for your wedding, and you don’t want to mess it up. Every bride hopes to enjoy their big day, end it with great memories and no regrets. But without proper planning, mistakes can happen and big ones could end up being your lifelong regret. As such, we hope to point out top 5 wedding mistakes you would like to avoid on your special day!


It might not be the smartest idea to get friends who are not professional photographers to capture your big day’s moments. Although they might have thousands of followers on Instagram, it does not mean that they are equipped with the right resources and experience to shoot a wedding. As such, we would recommend getting a professional photographer that you trust and have thoroughly looked through his works. We will advise against settling with a photographer that you are unsure about just to save a few bucks. After all, these photos will be the remaining memento from your big day, and you will want good shots for remembrance.


While some might believe that it is unnecessary to get a videographer, we believe that a wedding video is one of the greatest keepsake of your big day. By having a wedding videographer with the relevant skill-set and experience, it will help to make your dream video come true. Your wedding will go pass in a blur before you even know it and you might miss out smaller details or even get caught up with your emotions. As such, by having a wedding video, it will allow you to relive these special moments. Sometimes, some things are better in live action, than stilled pictures.


Prior to your wedding, there are many Ang Baos to prepare for different people and different amounts. Therefore, it is crucial to take a look at your budget, make a list and allocate the amounts accordingly. We would also recommend to write down names on the Ang Baos, as it will be easier to avoid confusion on your big day with so many things to handle. If you prefer not to write down the names, you can consider having mini dividers in your pouch to separate the different amounts. Do note, that you have to give Ang Baos to the younger male who opens the groom’s car door, to the bridesmaids for gate crashing, to family members during tea ceremony, and your parents. But do also not forget to give small token of appreciations to your vendors, helpers, and hotel staff that are involved in your wedding. It is also important to bring extra Ang Baos in case you missed about anybody.


Trying to handle everything on your own wedding day will make you extremely stressed out and horrible. These feelings of stress might overwhelm you and cause a pesky pimple to appear, which is the last thing you would want on your big day. Hence, it would be great to have a reliable bridesmaid to help you coordinate your vendors and handle any unexpected situations that might pop out along the way. If you have the extra budget, you can consider hiring a wedding day planner/ coordinator. If you are worried about the cost, you can opt for hiring them for one day, in which some of them go by hourly charges.


Tea ceremony is a tradition that most Chinese weddings would have, hence it is important to note the order of who to serve first. More than often, couples are unsure as to who should be going first and this could cause confusion during the ceremony. In addition, delays in the tea ceremony could result the couple in missing auspicious timings later on. As such, we would advise the couple to write down a list of who to serve in order and have it on your actual day to be used as a reference. The order is as follows, grandparents, parents, uncles/ aunties, elder siblings, elder cousins, younger siblings, etc. Couples are also to note to serve to their paternal relatives before their maternal relatives.

Ultimately, we believe that it is best to remain calm and steady even if these mistakes happen. But if you can plan in advance to avoid making these big ones, it will surely make your wedding day a smoother journey. We would like to wish all to-be-weds, a happy blissful marriage!