Tips on how to choose a bridal boutique for your wedding dress

In Singapore, there are so many bridal boutiques and couples might feel overwhelmed with the choices available.

Here are 5 tips on how to choose a bridal boutique for your wedding dress.

#1 Set your budget

Before making any decisions for the wedding, it is crucial and a fundamental move to set your wedding budget first as it will help to narrow down a lot of things.

You and your husband need to agree on how much you are willing to fork out for the wedding gown. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before researching anything related to your wedding gowns.

- Are you planning to rent or buy a gown or suits?

- Do you want a brand new Made-to-Measure (MTM) gown or an Off-The-Rack (OTR) gown?

- Do you need to rent any accessories from the boutique?

- How many different dresses do you need?

- What other packages do you need?

#2 Remember to do your homework

After knowing your budget for your wedding, it will help to narrow the choices down. A set budget enables you to look for a boutique that fits into the estimated expenditure of your wedding. You are able to start looking for a boutique within the budget you have set. You can research on it through online and wedding roadshows, as you might be able to find good deals from it. In the meantime, you can also research the different types of styles and silhouettes of wedding gowns to see which one will suit you better. Once you know what type of gowns you are looking for, this will save a lot of time when you go down to the boutique to look at it.

#3 Designer vs. One stop

Designer boutiques focus on the wedding dress as their main thing and they provide for few services. It is concentrated on providing a dress that suits you the best. For one-stop boutique provides services of what a bride needs as it ranges from wedding dress, makeup artists, photographers and even flower bouquets. Usually, one-stop boutiques are suitable for a bride who does not want to trouble herself to meet so many different vendors and for someone preferring convenience.

#4 Service is key

Even before going down to the boutique is important if they are patient when you are in doubt. Going down to visit and seeing their services towards you play an important part in choosing the boutique. Nowadays, many clients are not solely looking at just the price point but also the experience they get that will to make them feel comfortable and ultimately entrust their wedding to you.

#5 Ask for different opinions

Just because you went for one boutique and it seems like everything matches your checklist is check but does not mean that you should just make the decision. It is always best to speak to your friends, relatives and ask them for their recommendation. It will also be good to ask around to check the review and see the portfolio of their works.