Things that brides are afraid to ask

There are many emotions will run through a bride’s mind when she is getting ready for the big day. Many questions the brides wish they can ask someone or they might feel embarrassed to ask.

1) How do I use the bathroom in my gown?

The idea of going to the washroom during your wedding celebration might seems to be a bad idea and you wonder how are you going to do it. With all the craziest and anxiety on that day, you are bound to need to need the washroom when nature calls.

It is always best to use the washroom before you change into your gown but if you need to use the washroom and want to remove your entire dress, it can be very time-consuming and difficult. The best solution is to get one of your lovely bridesmaids to help you out and lift up your dress so that it will be easier for you to use the toilet.

2) Should I stop myself from crying?

A wedding is such an emotional event for many people and your own wedding will naturally brings up lots of emotions. It is normal for you to cry when you are saying your vows or during the speeches. You might be wondering what if I cry and your make up is ruin and that you do not look your best anymore. Fret not, your make up artist would have applied waterproof mascara or eyeliner and most of the time they are able to touch up after that.

3) Do we need to invite plus-ones?

It feels like you should invite your guests’ plus one but it is not necessary as some couples are unable to afford it. If you have to invite everybody’s boyfriend or girlfriend, the number of guests for your wedding will have a change and it will get more expensive. Unless you have enough budget to invite everyone, it is okay to not invite guests’ plus one unless they are married or have been together for quite a while already.

4) Is it normal to feel scared about the wedding?

All brides and groom will feel extremely nervous during their wedding day as months of planning have been put into it and it is completely normal. However, do not let this anxiety affect your emotions on that day and let yourself enjoy the happiest day of your life. It is important to stay calm and know that your bridesmaids are doing their best to make your wedding perfect. You can try some breathing methods to help relieve some nervousness and try to calm down by breathing in and out.

5) Is it all right to get wasted on the wedding day?

It is your big day and you are wondering if you can drink and get wasted on such a happy occasion since your wedding might provide free flow alcohol. This does not mean you should drink till you drop and forgot what happened on your wedding day. You would not want to be drunk in front of all your relatives and friends. If you know that you cannot drink a lot, do not force yourself to drink more than what you can even if your guests want you to.

6) What ifs after wedding day everything change?

As the big day is approaches, suddenly the bride-to-be starts to questions about the entire marriage and is afraid to ask her significant other about it. The questions could include: what if he does not love me after we get married? What if one day we run out of things to talk about? What if we grow apart as we get older? Will this marriage last forever?

She might be afraid to ask anybody these questions, but keeping it to herself will make her feel more anxious on that day. It is important to make sure that you talk to your significant other about all your worries so that you and he can work things out together as having a good communication with one another is a key factor in building a good marriage.