Pros and Cons of an outdoor wedding

When a bride and groom start planning their wedding, they will first need to consider their wedding venue. Nowadays, many couples are deciding whether to have their wedding held outdoor as it is one of the popular options. There are many brides who dream of getting married at a place with beautiful scenery under the sky full of stars. However, there are some considerations to consider when picking an outdoor venue.

Here are some of the pros and cons to help you determine if you should get an outdoor wedding venue.


#1 Lighting and scenery

Having an outdoor wedding, there will be natural lighting for all the beautiful photos and videos that you will be taking on the day of your wedding. Nothing will beat natural lighting that shines on your face. The scenery you get for an outdoor wedding will be so different from a wedding that is held indoors especially if you are a person who likes nature, an outdoor wedding will be meant for you. Furthermore, natural lighting will be beneficial for both the photographers and videographers when they are taking their perfect shots.

#2 Decoration

One of the perks about an outdoor wedding is that you can pick on the theme you want and decorate however you want it to be like and you do not need to worry if the church/hotel management will not allow you to move their decoration or furniture. The decoration for an outdoor wedding will usually be more simple and DIY as the view will already be breathtaking.

#3 Larger space

An outdoor wedding provides more space especially if you have extensive guests. This also allows your guests to have more open space which is good for guests who are bringing their children along.


#1 Weather

Weather can be a problem when you have an outdoor wedding as the weather can be very hard to predict. If it rains during the wedding, it can be quite uncomfortable for the guests. It will be more inconvenient when the weather is not as expected. However, if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding make sure you have a better plan if it rains and conduct thorough checks on the weather forecasts.

#2 Bugs

In an outdoor setting, there will be bound to have insects and mosquitos and this might make the guests feel annoyed. It is also important to make sure there are no houseflies in the food area if it is outdoor setting.

An outdoor wedding can be very beautiful with all the decorations and the atmosphere can be very different from an indoor wedding. However, ultimately it is important to think carefully in the decision of the venue as outdoor wedding the biggest concern will be the weather. Beside stressing over the weather, it is important that you are happy about the venue as wedding is once in a lifetime moment.