Exchanging your vows in a church wedding, is both sacred and beautiful. But to make that special moment perfect, you definitely need to plan in advance for this ceremony. There are many different things you have to prep for and guidelines to follow. In addition, we believe that by having sweet and simple decorations for your ceremony will keep it classy.

So here are 5 steps you need to know when it comes to planning for your church wedding!


Most churches would require the couple to be active members, therefore, couples whom are intending to hold their wedding ceremony at a different church would need to take note of this. These church memberships length could vary and range from 6 months to 1 year before you are officially recognised as a member of the house of worship. However, there are some churches that do allow if one of the couple is an active member. Fret not for couples who aren’t active members of a church, but would like to hold their wedding ceremony at one, as there are houses of worship that allow non-members as long as they have been baptised.


Apart from the churches’ schedules being filled up quickly, the availability of the priests are also limited. As such, it is crucial to quickly lock down the dates for both the church and priest whom will act as a Celebrant. For some churches, they would require you to submit 3 available dates to the priest, even though you already have picked a specific date for your ceremony. This is because, should the priest be unavailable on your chosen date, the 2 other dates will act as alternatives. Do note, that there is a list of documents you have to submit to your Parish Office as procedures and also for the approval of the church’s venue to hold your wedding ceremony.


After booking both your church and priest, it is time to decide on whether you want to hold a Wedding Mass or Service. A Wedding Mass is longer compared to a Wedding Service. If the couple are Catholics, they can consider opting for a Wedding Mass. If only one partner is a Catholic, then the couple can choose to go for a Wedding Service as it is shorter.

After exchanging your vows during the church wedding ceremony, the couple can engage a caterer to provide lunch for their guests. After the lunch reception, the couple can then consider having their wedding dinner banquet in a hotel ballroom. However, if you do not have sufficient time for the guests to enjoy their lunch in a church, you can contemplate booking a function room to accommodate your guests.


Before you start making a thousand plans on how you want to decorate the interior, it would be good to check with your church on which areas are allowed to sweeten up. Upon getting approval, take pictures of these areas and send them to your wedding florist. This will give her a better insight on how she could prep the bouquets to better suit the ambience of the church.

Although the space and structure of your church has already been pre-determined, you can always work your way around it with the decorations. Play with pastel ribbons and flowers to match the wooden structures. You can also be adventurous and go for indigo or dark blue for a more mythical and deeper look.


After deciding on having either a wedding mass or service, you would be required to design the booklet, finalise the content and send them for printing. By doing these in advance, you would be able to request for a test print to double check on the quality of the booklet. Apart from the Wedding Mass/ Service booklet, you would also need to finalise the menu for your wedding lunch, the decorations required for the interior and reception table, and a wedding band if you would like. It is also extremely important to attend the rehearsal as a couple so that you both can familiarise yourselves with the procedures for your big day.