Nailing your wedding speech

“It’s been an emotional day, even the cake is in tiers.”

It is no surprise that a wedding speech would make one break out the tissues. Through the bliss and joy of a wedding, comes the time where the guests quieten down to hear and witness an enchanted heartwarming wedding speech presented upon them. It can be difficult to give a speech for either your own wedding or your friend wedding but most importantly it should come from your heart as the speech will give guests a glimpse of how their couple is like. Giving a wedding speech is an honourable act be it bride or groom or both the best man and maid of honour. It might also seem like a “punishment” especially for friends because it is a pressuring task to make the speech both funny and emotional. Moreover, the biggest fear that most people have would be public speaking to speak in front of a different range of age group.

What to write?

The biggest question is what am I suppose to write in the speech? It depends if you are the couple or sibling or friends saying the speech, as it will defer a little. Try to write down your relationship with the couple such as how did you know the couple and how did you meet the bride/groom and any personal story to add and the first impression because all of these pointers will help you to make the speech more meaningful and interesting in nailing the wedding speech. In addition, you can add a personal story that is linked to their personality to bring out what you love them about.

Public Speaking

Speaking in front of a crowd might be nerve wrecking and sparks a diverse amount of emotions. You might stutter, have butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms. But fret not; here are some pointers to get you a little more prepared!

1. Get organized

It is critical and essential to get organized, sort your thoughts out before you give your wedding speech. It will help to reduce your speaking anxiety and get your speech across to the audience. Conveying an emotion to a crowd is not an essay task. However, with the confidence from within, you can convey your speech to the guest more clearly and convince your audience to feel through your speech.

2. Practice to perfection

“Practice makes perfect!” A wedding speech is once in a lifetime. Practicing your speech will help you to build up your confidence, better articulation and also voice projection. Worry not, with the right amount of practice you will definitely be ever ready for your wedding speech.

Eye contact

Body language is one of the most important things as it shows how you present yourself but many people tend to disregard it. Body language includes eye contact with the guests and especially the other half. Eye contact will provide your audience with a sense of involvement in your speech. You would not want to see anyone saying the speech to be having zero eye contact with anybody and just looking at the script that he or she wrote. It is a small detail but it can impact the entire way on how you present yourself and engaging the guests.

Who to thank?

For bride and groom when they are planning the speech is vital to make sure that you do not miss out anyone to thank in the speech. It is essential to thank people who have to lend you their helping hand through the preparation of your wedding and your wedding day itself.

Here are the people you should thank on your wedding day:

1) Your own parents for raising you up and guiding you through all these years

2) Your parents in law for being welcoming towards you, for their constant love and support

3) Your other half, a blessing to have met him/her and going through all the ups and down together

4) Friends who have been there for you all these years in the different stages of your life and mention some interesting stories and thank them for the memory

5) Your guests for taking their time off to attend the wedding

6) People who have helped you to make this day possible and for the absolutely flawless day

What are things not to include?

There are things to take note so that you do not make the mistake such as to copy other people wedding speech and use it. A wedding speech is meant to be personal and genuine. There should not be any crude language in the speech so if there any stories try not to put any crude language inside, as it can be quite disrespectful. Any form of racist joke or religion or drunken night that are inappropriate should not be added in the speech.

The purpose of a wedding speech is for you to express your appreciation and gratitude towards the different group that has been there for you till your recent life. It is a declaration speech for the next phase of your life. However, the main focus of the wedding speech should be on your other half. Without them, you would not have the opportunity of presenting this speech.