Updated: Jun 20, 2018

A wedding video captures the magical and purest moments of your wedding. Replaying it, will allow you to relive back in that special memory, like seeing the look on your parents and groom’s faces as you walk down the aisle, or even the funny gate crash moments that you didn’t get to witness. Being able to hear your vows once more, or even speeches made by your best friend is what makes a wedding video truly yours and meaningful.

As such, it is crucial to find your videographer just as seriously as how you would find your wedding photographer. Here’s our take on what is important when it comes to finding the right one to make your dream video happen.

1st - Chemistry and Specialisation

Chemistry between you and the videographer tops our list. We believe that feeling comfortable around him will allow you to act as naturally as possible, without feeling too awkward. When meeting with the videographer, align your expectations and get a sense of his working style / personality when he runs through the details and schedule for your pre-wed or big day. It’s definitely a plus point if the videographer is able to make small funny jokes to help lighten the mood and ease the tensions.

When the video company or videographer is strictly specialising in wedding videos, it provides greater credibility and higher delivery of quality work. With strong emphasis and in-depth understanding, they are the master of their own craft. While some companies do cover everything from bridal gowns, to photos and videos, it is important for you to note that they may not be equally strong in each category. As a phrase often goes, “Jack of all trades, but master of none.” Therefore, do remember to do your research on these companies and understand the quality you are really getting.

2nd - Experience, Portfolio and Style

In relation to one another, we have grouped experience, portfolio and style together and ranked them as second. To back up the specialisation, the videographer’s experiences are valuable and necessary. This is because it portrays how proficient he is at shooting in different locations and the handling of different scenarios. An example, would be Chinese weddings banquets, where the banquet halls usually have dim lighting, and so the videographer has to know how to capture your big day beautifully even under such circumstances.

It is key to browse through the videographer’s portfolio as it gives you a better understanding of their styles and how extensive their works are with previous clients. In addition, you will also be able to draw inspirations and ideas on how you want the shoot to go for your pre-wed or big day.

3rd - Price and Equipment

Lastly, pricing and equipment are ranked third overall. Although price is a determinant factor for most couples, we believe that it is important to look at the entire package and match the price point you are paying. Do read up on reviews of the videographer or companies and check if there are any hidden costs involved. Bad service and hidden charges are things you want to avoid, and we hope that you will get the most value worth out of your money.

Equipment plays a part, but skills of the videographer are more important to capture the moments. Not to fret, as most of the equipment are capable of delivering videos of Full HD 1080p quality.

With that, we hope that this ranking system will help you in determining the right videographer to make your dream wedding video happen.