Is it worth it to spend so much on a wedding?

Have you ever wondered why do people pay so much for a wedding?

Planning a wedding in Singapore can be quite overwhelming with different factors to consider while planning it. Moreover, the wedding industry is a business that most people will be willing to spend their savings on it. It is concluded that a wedding in Singapore can range from $30,000 up to $100,000 as it depends on several components such as how magnificent and imposing you would want your wedding to be like. However, before making any decision, it is important to work out your budget and to know the scale of your wedding, if you would not want to face debt even before your marriage life begins.

Here are some of the most expensive things you will face when planning a wedding:

1) Wedding Banquet

In Singapore, it is hard to run away from hosting a wedding banquet because it is a tradition. Moreover, most people know that wedding dinner locations are picked by the couple’s parents as it represents their “面子” which means they do not want to lose dignity in front of their friends and relatives. This is one of the main factors as a grand location would foresee a high amount of payable debts oncoming right after the wedding.

Some of the most expensive banquets in Singapore would be hosted at a hotel such as Capella and Ritz-Carlton. They cost about $2000 a table on the average putting aside on any alteration to the menu. However pros vs cons, the bright side organizing it at such a prestigious venue would be the magnificent ambience and top-notch serves that will be guaranteed and provided.

There are plenty of considerations in planning a banquet, other concerns such as the availability of the location on your desired date, the guest list, the number of guests (as some bigger hotels have a minimum table number requirement), as well as the food menu also have to be considered. Many people would use the “ang pao” money to cover up the cost they spend at the banquet but most of the time it will be hard to just rely on it.

2) Bridal Package

The second lump of wedding budget comes from the bridal package. A typical bridal package would consist of a wedding gown, suit, makeup artists & hairstylists, car rental, photographer or videographer. It is up to the couple if they would want to take up the whole package or individual components, as it can be more convenient and a slightly more affordable deal.

Bridal packages vary in prices as different companies offer various types of packages. The most expensive part will be the wedding dress, as some people would want to custom design their own dress which will be costly. However, most couples would opt to rent the dresses, as it is the cheaper alternative. Most brides would also have 1 or 2 more additional dresses to change into, during the banquet.

3) Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

A wedding is not complete without having a ring and it can be quite costly, as many would want to splurge on it. It was a belief from the Romans, that the wedding ring is worn on the left-hand fourth finger as the vein in the finger is directly connected to the heart. An engagement ring is used when one party proposes and both agree to get married. Originally, it also symbolized a portion of the bride’s dowry as it also presents an image of the social status of the groom. Currently, not many people consider this as a social status of the groom but more as an act of loving towards the other half.

There are so many different types of design for a wedding ring and it depends on the couple’s style for picking the perfect fit, as some people may prefer the carat diamond to be bigger while others prefer a simpler one. Moreover, many people would splurge on a ring as it is supposed to last you a lifetime.

4) Photography & Videography for a Wedding day

The best way to look back on your special day will be all the photos and videos taken on the wedding day. This is also a form of reliving the day so do not underestimate the importance of a good professional photographer and videographer team. Asking a friend to help out in this area might save you cost but it might not be the best professional quality at the end of the day.

It is important to choose a videographer and photographer who thoroughly understand your likes and dislikes as all videographers and photographers have their own style and method of capturing the moments on an actual day. The best thing is to research and see different company portfolio. If you are interested you can always ask them for more details. A usual package would range from $1700 up to $7000 putting the types of packages the companies offer into consideration and the newlyweds’ preferences.

4. Honeymoon

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All newlywed couples would love to have a break from all of the months of planning for the wedding and from work. Honeymoon allows the newlywed couple to enjoy their romantic time. Usually, couples would take a 2-week holiday to somewhere they have never been before so many couples would opt to travel somewhere further hence it will cost more. If you are planning to travel place such as Europe, United States, South Africa, Egypt the usual budget would be $5,000 to $10,000 but however, if are planning their trip to ASEAN countries it will be slightly cheaper depending on which part and what kind of activities you are planning to do.

5. Door gifts

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Most people would assume that the door gift would not cost so much when they are budgeting their expenses for their wedding. The door gift is given to the guest as a form of appreciation for coming to their wedding. Some couple would want the door gift to be personal and consist of a meaning behind it. Example of some door gift would be thumb drives, mini champagne, dessert food, succulent and soap. Some couples are fortunate in not worrying about their budget while planning a wedding; they would tend to give something more expensive as a door gift. All door gifts are usually customized, as they would put their wedding date and couple name. Moreover, the numbers of guests are also a factor to consider as more people, which mean you will need to purchase more gifts.

Nowadays, newlywed would fantasize a wedding that is personalised and wants something that is created rather than imitated. Applications such as Pinterest has set high expectations for one’s imagination and creativity for a wedding. All the components major or minor make up the wedding, hence it should be realistically well thought by the newlyweds to prevent themselves from being crushed by a mountain of unsettled payments. However what is most important is you enjoy the moment and in 10 years down the road, these memories will warm you from the inside when you revive back this wonderful time of your life.

A wedding as simple as it sounds is often a life-altering moment for both the bride and groom. It is a joyous day where everyone will take their time off to witness the pair of soulmates recite their vows to each other and be united in marriage. Rhetorically, how often does a person get to experience a wedding of their own? Once in a lifetime.