How to make your wedding #instaworthy?

In a digital age and time, where social media has been part of our daily life we feel that it is a necessity to post video or picture that seems “worthy” enough to get more likes. Furthermore, many couples would plan their wedding by sourcing through Instagram from florists, dresses, photographer and videographer company hoping to stumble across something pretty that might be deemed as very “instaworthy". However, this piles up on the couples’ existing stress as they plan their wedding.

Hipster food

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Hipster food has been increasingly popular in Singapore especially at carnivals or pasar malam. It has been attracting many people to post pictures on their social media platforms to be in the game with the hipster trend. In order to make your wedding instaworthy, you can have such food at your wedding reception and this will interest many people to take out their phone to snap a picture of it to post on their social media platform.

Pretty decoration

There are many different types of decoration that are instaworthy for your wedding. Some of the popular decorations include fairy light, neon light, calligraphy and plants where most guests will be keen and excited to take picture or video of it.

Everything with fairy light looks more instaworthy. There are many ways to place the fairy light such as at the reception table or venue as the main decoration. Fairy lights can make a place very cosy and also brighten up the place itself. The neon light is another decoration that will attract people to take a picture with it. It has been extremely popular nowadays and you can customize whatever words you want on it. Flowers add another form of dimension to the decoration. Do bear in mind that the arrangement of the flowers is extremely important such as at the stage, reception which can be the centrepiece as having a good balance of colour and arrangement of the flowers creates an ambience too

Couple hashtag

The best way to see what your family and friends posted on social media during your wedding day is to create a hashtag that combines both bride and groom name together or something that represents both of you. For people to use the hashtag, the couple hashtag has to in obvious places such as reception and some of your bridesmaid can remind them when they are coming. One of the way to ‘promote’ your unique wedding hashtag will be to start the hashtag before your wedding day by using the same hashtag when you post wedding planning stuff on your social media platform.

Unique venue for a wedding location

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Picking a venue is one of the most important wedding processes as we have discussed in a few articles already. However, when couples are deciding on the wedding venue, they tend to pick a very common location such as either a hotel or restaurant or church. If you want to stand out from the norm, you can pick a place that not many couples would have thought of it such as on yachts or a bar or even at Singapore flyer.

Interesting door gifts

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Door gifts might seem like it is a waste of money but it is a way of expressing your gratitude towards your guests for walking this journey with you and to witness this happy occasion with you. A door gift does not need to be expensive, it can be a DIY item that you have seen on Pinterest. You can recreate what you have seen on Pinterest and it will definitely be instaworthy.