How to get rid of pre-wedding anxiety?

Planning a wedding can be very stressful especially if you are planning for your own. It requires months of preparation, discussion and brainstorming. It is definitely deemed stressful, as there are many things to worry about such as location, guest list, different tradition items and many more. During the planning, it is possible to foresee conflicts and disagreements between the couple or family member as an unavoidable factor.

1) Wedding to do list

Having a wedding to do list helps you to stay organised and systematic. It minimises the chance of missing out on any items and not overwhelmed when the date is approaching. A list also helps you to keep track of what is still undone. Take some time and sit down as a couple to write down what are the things that need to be done for the wedding.

2) Get support

Do not take all the different tasks upon yourself and the best way is to delegate to close friends and family member who is willing to be involved in your wedding planning. In this way, you will not feel completely overwhelmed.

3) Comparison kills

“Comparison is the thief of joy” - Theodore Roosevelt

Nowadays, the Internet is so easily accessible for everyone. The Internet is flooded with the ideal and fantasising wedding. It portraits the concept of how an ideal wedding should appear to be like. However, these weddings are not easily achievable due to financial constraints. Make it personal and make the wedding uniquely yours. Do not compare your wedding to anyone else from the social media platform or even from your friends as different people have a different budget and preference for their wedding.

4) Be active

All brides want to look good and slender in their wedding dress. Exercising and a proper diet will definitely do the job. It is important to avoid those trendy fad diets. Never underestimate what exercise could do for you as it helps to relieve mental stress and give a confidence boost. Being active allows you to feel calm as it releases good endorphins that help to improve your mood and enhance your wellbeing. It does not need to be a long session in the gym but it can be a walk in the park or just simple work out at home as long as you move your body.

5) Date night

Some couple will be so focused and immersed on the planning of their wedding that they forget to keep the simple romance going. Many the times even if they have an occasional date night, the planning of the wedding will still be the surfacing topic. It does not matter what the activity of the date, as it can be something very simple like just watching a drama/movie together. The most important thing is to feel less stress and spending time with your other half no matter what argument or displeasure you had with each other while planning the wedding. Date night is an essential element of an intimate relationship and furthermore to both who are about to get married. It is the best way to reconnect again. Try to allocate a date night once every week, depending on the couple’s schedule.

6) Break away from all the planning

It is good to always take a break from all the planning and to have some time alone as this allows you to get away from everybody and just relax and pamper yourself. Moreover, it is important to have your own time to do things that allow you to feel relax as it can be activities to pamper yourself such as doing your nails, facial or even listening to your favourite podcast or reading a book. It does not always need to be a day but it can just be for a few hours to clear your mind and relax. Having your own circle of friends and being away from your other half helps you to loosen up as a person and it gives you a break from all the planning of the wedding.

A wedding is a joyous occasion even though preparing for this actual day consists of many arguments and mini fallouts after disagreements but as long the couple works together with the goal to create their own perfect wedding this entire planning will definitely help them to grow closer together as a couple. Sometimes, the more we are able to accept that life does not always go the way as planned. It is an inverse relationship, the more receptive we are, the less stressful we become.