How to break away from conventional wedding traditions?

There are many types of wedding in the world. Traditions, race, religion and culture have to be considered in order to have the wedding of your desire. Many long-standing traditions have been passed down through generations and most, if not all of them have meaningful connotation behind them.

Here are 5 possible ways we can replace or change the certain types of wedding traditions so that all future brides and grooms can have a memorable wedding experience.

#1 Bridesmaid dresses do not need to be identical

It is perfectly fine to like or dislike the idea of having all bridesmaids wear identical dresses. In the past, it was a must for all bridesmaids to wear the same dress but nowadays, many brides do not conform to this idea. It really depends on your preference and how you want your bridesmaid to look at your wedding. You can even come out with creative ideas such as making them wear a suit instead of a dress, wearing different shades of one colour or even a creative costume that matches the theme of your wedding.

#2 Your wedding venue can be in any location


Most Asian weddings are always held in a hotel. Many choose to host their wedding at a hotel because it appears more atas to invite people to a luxurious hotel to celebrate the occasion and another reason is due to custom. However, if you are on a budget, you can always host your wedding in another location that has a nice or unique ambience and spends a little more decorating the place. If you are an adventurous couple like this couple who held their wedding in the canyon of Monab and required them to be suspended at an altitude of more than a hundred meters, you can even host your wedding at an outdoor location with scenery that will surely amaze all your guests.

#3 Bride does not need to wear all white and long gowns

In the 19th Century, it was Queen Victoria who started wearing white in a wedding and from then on, many ladies chose to wear white gowns for their wedding. It became a tradition as many people associate white dress to symbolize virginity. Now in this 21st century, many people have opted out of the white long wedding dress to something more interesting such as shorter dress to different coloured gowns.

#4 You have your option in writing your own vows

In your parents’ generation, I am sure that they did not need to stress about what should they need to say for their vows. During that time they would have to use the traditional vows but nowadays, most people would rather customize their vows and write it as a heartfelt letter of love and commitment to their soulmate. The vow will be more intimate and meaningful as both you and your partner will be able to relate and commit to it wholeheartedly.

#5 It is not necessary for brides to change dresses

Depending on what type of wedding you are having, you might see the bride appear in more than one gown. For example a Chinese wedding there would be a qipao for tea ceremony, one dress for the solemnization, one for the banquet, one for the first walk in, and one more for the second walk in. Fortunately, this is now optional if you do not wish to change your outfit so many times since it is both expensive and time-consuming. Some people think that this practice is unnecessary, as it contributes to the cost of the wedding and the time could be spent on interacting with the guest instead.