Honeymoon tips

A honeymoon is a vacation taken by newlyweds shortly after their wedding to celebrate their marriage. A honeymoon as sweet and delicate it sounds, in fact, requires many months of planning. They are often planned concurrently with the preparation of the wedding itself. It can be stressful when dealing with both as they are financially and mentally draining. For many couples, a honeymoon is an important trip for them as it is their first overseas trip in their new stage of the journey as a married couple. Many couples would want an exotic and long trip. This will definitely cost a lot so important to set a budget for the honeymoon trip.

Tip 1: Pre-planning

Planning is always essential for any trip, especially for a honeymoon trip. Advance planning helps you to be less stressful and keep you ahead of time. It also helps you to find the lowest price possible and most of the time the closer the date of the trip, the fewer options you get for a hotel or even air tickets.

Tip 2: Work together

A honeymoon is much more than a chance to connect, it is also a chance to celebrate the love between the newlyweds. During the planning stage, there is always bound to have argument and disagreement about the different decision made by the other partner. However, it is crucial to work hand in hand in the preparation for the honeymoon, as the trip will only consist of you and your partner. Understand your partner’s wants and concern. Everybody obviously would want their honeymoon to be a good and memorable vacation that they can remember for life. You would not want to be unhappy during the trip.

Tip 3: Be aware of hidden costs

A honeymoon may not be budget friendly and you would not want to have any additional cost without knowing. If you purchase anything makes sure you read their terms and conditions properly and make sure there are no hidden costs. It is essential to know what is included in the cost of your booking.

Tip 4: Know what you want for your honeymoon

It will be beneficial to know what you and your partner want from the honeymoon trip. This way it will be easier to settle on a destination. Some couple would want to get away from the city life and escape to a resort island or to a location where is exotic with nice scenery. It is important to talk to your partner what you want and this will narrow down your options.

Tip 5: Plan an itinerary

Drafting an itinerary is a crucial part of planning when planning for a honeymoon, as it is the stage of finalising everything. By then you and your partner will have already research on the things you would want to do at the destination and transportation and so on. Try not to follow the exact the same itinerary as provided by others because they may enjoy it but does not mean if you follow the same itinerary you would enjoy it as much as they do. Creating your own itinerary allows the freedom to change whatever you want and creating a memorable and uniquely your own honeymoon.

Tip 6: Research

There are many things to research on for your honeymoon trips such as when is a good time to go for the trip as does it clash with school holidays and the season of the country. Usually, people will research on what they can do at the destination they have decided and what are the things to do out of the extraordinary that is unique in the country. It will be good to read through the review of the places or packages that you are buying as it gives you a rough gauge on how the location or package will be like but however do not believe 100% of it as sometimes it might not be an honest review. Furthermore, if you have any family members or friends went before to the destination, it will be best to ask how they find their trip as they would give you their honest option in depth about what they like or dislike about it.

Tip 7: Budget

When planning for wedding budget, remember to set aside a budget for honeymoon also. It is difficult as most of the time the couple will try to match their expectation with the lower budget when the wedding budget is way higher. However, there are other factors to consider such as the destination and what kind of honeymoon you would want something more adventurous or relaxing and also the duration of the trip. All of these play a huge part in how much you should budget for your honeymoon.