Pre-wedding shoots are like battlefields when it comes to fighting against humid weather, unexpected rain and never ending mosquitoes in nature locations. Apart from environmental factors, not eating because you are too nervous or wearing that 5 inch heels will make you tired and it can be easily seen on camera.

To beat the stress and rest, here are some things you should bring to help make your pre-wedding shoot an easier one!


Water is definitely the best option, as it does not stain your clothing if you were to accidentally spill it. On the day of your pre-wedding shoot, bring a big bottle of water and also a straw to avoid ruining your lipstick.

Should you prefer to drink sweet drinks, consider buying those packet drinks that come with straws. It would be good to get more “liang” (aka cooling) drinks such as Chrysanthemum or Ice Lemon Tea, and avoid heaty ones like Ovaltine or Milo. This will help to cool down your body in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Apart from quenching your thirst, it is crucial to fill your stomach as well. When you do not eat anything, you are more likely to feel dizzy from hunger during the shoot and it will affect the schedule. So have a hearty breakfast and remember to bring some easy to eat biscuits as you will be eating them while travelling from locations to locations. In addition, the groom can also keep some mints in his pockets.


It would be good to bring some props to add depth to your pre-wedding shoots. These props can hold significant meanings to you as a couple, or something you would like to portray. It is quite common to bring some flowers as it adds some interactions within the shoot. Do remember not to bring too bulky items because it would mean that you have more things to lug around and ultimately perspiring before you even reach your shoot locations. To avoid looking sweaty and overcrowding the screen, aim for items that are small and light to carry around.


It is a must to keep an umbrella on hand, especially with the case of unexpected bad weather. Despite being branded as a hot and humid country; Singapore has its monsoon seasons. Moreover, the umbrella can also be used as a prop. Do also bring along a mini portable fan to cool away the shirt perspiration stains and prevent your make up from streaking.


We would recommend the couples to wear casual for their shoot as it will be easier for them to move around and therefore feel more comfortable. Usually if your pre-wedding shoot has 3 locations, you can consider bringing 1 to 2 more outfits to change into. However, do check beforehand whether there are nearby toilets at the locations for you to change. We would also recommend to wear sneakers for nature locations as it will be difficult to walk on mud and stones with your heels. Or you can always opt to wear slippers and carry your heels to the nature spot you would like to shoot at.


Most couples prefer to shoot at popular nature locations like the Tuas Lalang Field or Upper Seletar Reservoir, but that also means more mosquitoes and insects around you. To prevent red itchy marks, do bring a bottle of insect repellents to keep those pesky insects away. This will also help to make your video shoot a lot more comfortable and without you being distracted with swatting away mosquitoes.

We would also recommend for couples to bring powder wipes, as not only it will leave you feeling clean, it will also keep you non-sticky. Feel your skin being baby smooth and hear praises as your partner holds you in his arms.

These are the items we would recommend couples to bring to make their pre-wedding shoot an easier and more comfortable one! Always remember to travel light and not to bring unnecessary items that will increase your baggage load. Furthermore, you only have a limited timeframe with your videographer, so do make the best out of it.

We would like to wish you all the best for your pre-wedding shoot!