Everything you need to know about being a bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid for your friend is a huge honour as you will be part of their special day. All brides pick their closest friend to be their bridesmaid knowing that they have gone through thick and thin and having them by her side will give her peace during the actual day.

However, being a bridesmaid can be both stressful and enjoyable at the same time as there are many things to do prior to the wedding and during the wedding day itself. As simple as it may seem, being a bridesmaid is not just about the idea of wearing similar dress and walking down the aisle with the bride. Being a bridesmaid is a role loaded with emotions and responsibilities.

Before the wedding

There are many pre-wedding tasks to settle before the actual day and the bridesmaid job is to try to settle the different tasks such as wedding decoration, invitation card, cake tasting, food tasting, and flowers. Yes, of course, finding an outfit that is similar or even identical for all the bridesmaids and also helping the bride to find their perfect wedding dress. All girls would want their female friends to be by their side when they are choosing their dresses as girls most of the time would give better feedback compared to guys. You would also need to attend the various pre-wedding event such as wedding rehearsal, engagement party and wedding planning meeting. Most of the time the bridesmaid team will be organise a bachelorette party. This is the occasion when the bride-to-be will enjoy her time with her friends and to enjoy her “single life” moment before she gets married.

During the Wedding

On the special day, the bridesmaids would be as busy as the bride as there are many things to check to make sure the wedding runs smoothly. One of the highlight and perks of being a bridesmaid is to stop the groom and his best man at the door come up with creative ideas to “torture” them during gatecrash.

During the ceremony, the bridesmaid will be allocated to different tasks such as helping out with the reception table handling the guest list and angbaos, taking care of any emergency kit like makeup bag, entertaining the guests, making a speech, timekeeper to make sure all the segment will be on track. Throughout the day, the bridesmaid will help the bride with her dress so that she will not trip over her dress especially when she needs to utilize the restroom.

After the ceremony

At the end of the day, the bridesmaid would need to bring back the wedding gift back to the couple house. Tie up any loose ends from any caters or vendors to make sure everything is cleared and settled while the couple gets some rest.

Beside all these tasks that are needed to be done, there are other bridesmaid’s duties that not many people would be able to see it. That will be being emotionally available for the bride. A wedding as magnificent and perfect it may appear, requires a lot of effort and hard work, the brides would definitely be going through a stressful time planning the wedding and they would love to have someone close by their side to be listening ear and be there for her physically and emotionally.

However, fret not you would not be doing this alone but with a group of friends that can share the responsibility with you and most importantly is to celebrate together with the bride and enjoy this special moment with her.