It’s a known fact that groomsmen are usually ‘tortured’ during gate crash with a variety of games that you would least expect. Therefore, we aim to help you escape the clutches of the bridesmaids and bring forth your best abilities to help the groom reach his bride.


Brace your hearts, stomachs and minds as you are going to be eating nasty food or drinks, doing funny poses and even weirder things! It’s good to have a pack of mints or sweets in your pockets, as this will help to soothe your taste buds after that awful concoction the bridesmaids came up with.

These concoctions often have similar ingredients involved – Wasabi, bitter gourd, spicy noodles, vinegar, etc. Therefore, make sure you prepare your stomach by having a full breakfast and a glass of milk before the gate crash, and your tummy will thank you for it. In addition, do note that the bridesmaids usually will not give you water or milk until your whole squad completes the tasks.


You can expect a lot of push-ups, sit ups and doing multiple weird yoga poses. So it’s important to warm up your muscles by doing some stretches before heading to the bride’s house. This will not only save you the embarrassment from having cramps during the games, but also eases your muscles which makes it easier to flex and use them after stretching. Of course, don’t overdo it as you need to conserve your energy as much as you can to last throughout the torture session.


Usually towards the end of the gate crash games, the groom and his squad will reach the main door of the bride’s house. In which, he is often asked to hand over Ang Baos. Depending on the amount the groom has packed, the bridesmaids will see if he is deemed worthy to enter the house. The most asked question is “How much should I put in the Ang Baos?” Usually, it ranges from $88 to $288 per bridesmaids, and also dependent on how many bridesmaids there are.

Groomsmen can use this trick as a bargaining chip, where you present the bridesmaids with 2 to 3 Ang Baos in a suitcase and you ask them to choose one in return for the house key. The bargaining chip is that regardless of how much is in the Ang Bao they picked, the bridesmaids have to hand over the key. This gives the conventional gate crash a twist and some fun for the bridesmaids.


With Singapore’s weather being terribly humid, and starting the gate crashing right in the morning, it’s bound to get you perspiring. We would recommend to wear cute and breezy attires, as it is not only cute but you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty from the gate crash games. So leave your fine suits as the change of clothes after the gate crash and opt for an attire that is breezy and allows you to move freely while playing out the prepared games.


In modern times, gate crashing is not only about respecting the tradition, but also about winning the approval from the bride and her family by overcoming these set obstacles. By laying out your determination to win your bride over, or as a groomsman to help the groom, it will definitely be a memory you can look back and laugh about. Moreover, the gate crash portion will fill up the Same Day Edit Video that will be played during the banquet, giving your guests a laugh as well.

Therefore, it is essential for the groomsmen to have an open mind and go along with the bridesmaids’ games as a sign of respect. Weeks of preparations have been placed into these games, so why not be a good sport and show your fighting spirit when trying to overcome them. After all, the groom picked you for a reason – be it cause that you are his ultimate best man, the quickest thinker or the one with pure strength – you are there for a reason.

Having a positive and open attitude will set you and the others on the right path to victory. Do also remember to smile for the cameras and be proud to know that you have survived it all.