Pre-wedding videos have gained popularity in sharing the couple’s love story during the wedding banquet. By viewing the couple’s fairy tale, it will allow the guests to have a deeper emotional connection and understanding with the couple. In addition, it also serves as a meaningful remembrance for the couple.

While filming for a pre-wedding video can be exciting, it is important to note and avoid these common mistakes couples tend to make for their shoot.

Not meeting the videographer before your shoot

In modern times, where almost everything is being done virtually, we believe that it is still necessary to meet up face-to-face with your videographer. This will allow you to evaluate his personality, rapport and portfolios by him. In addition, this meeting will allow you to set your expectations and to ensure that it will also be aligned with what the videographer can accomplish. Once you have decided on going ahead with this videographer, you can discuss on your pre-wedding locations and get some advice on the selected ones. Following this meeting, it would be great to discuss on the schedule of your shoot day and work on back up plans in case of rainy day.

Not doing a recce of the pre-wedding shoot locations

Aside from receiving feedback and recommendations for the pre-wedding shoot locations, it is ideal for you and your partner to recce those areas. We believe that ‘doing your homework’ is necessary and it will help you to be more prepared for your shoot. You can start with shortlisting the type of location you and your partner will prefer – Architectural, nature, or retro? Next off, you can continue researching on the level of traffic foot in those area, and if you would require certain permits to film there. Furthermore, in certain locations there might be a fee imposed in order to use it. Therefore, it is important to do your research on your final few locations you would like to shoot your pre-wedding locations at. Doing your homework and personally heading down to recce the locations will also give you an idea on how you would like to dress for it.

Getting your whole family tree down

While it is great to include your family into your pre-wedding shoot, it could pose a challenge for the videographer to coordinate your big family while also trying to focus on you and your partner. Furthermore, it would also be difficult to handle the relatives’ differing opinions being thrown at the videographer even though expectations have already been laid down with the couple. As the saying goes, “Too many cooks spoil the soup.”

If you really would like to include your family, we would recommend including your immediate or very close family members. This way, it will be easier for both you and the videographer to manage on the day of your shoot. Being less stress about coordinating everything under the hot sun will put you in the right mood for your shoot. Consequently, your pre-wedding shoot will be smoother and easier to manage. Moreover, you wouldn’t need to worry about delays or overrunning, which will incur more costs than you would have preferred.

Not being open to suggestions from the Videographer

It is good to inform your videographer on the style and what you want to achieve for this pre-wedding shoot. As such, it will steer the videographer in the right path and also give him time to plan out your dream video.

Based on your videographer’s experience and expertise, he would also be able to advise you and recommend different locations that might not be in your selected finals. It is definitely good to check these locations out, as it might be a place that catches your eye. During the pre-wedding shoot, the videographer might also recommend you to be more vocal during the story-telling part or ask you to change a certain portion so that it will look better on camera. Therefore, by having a positive attitude and open mind, your pre-wedding video will turn out well.

Stressing too much on trying to make it video perfect

Worrying over every single detail on your pre-wedding shoot is redundant and will only make you more stressed out. Things like wondering if your good angle was captured, is your dress flowing in the right direction, are minor details that can be left in the care of the videographer.

Over stressing is never a good sign as it can affect the mood on set and can be easily seen on camera. In addition, too much stress can make you feel horrible, or even cause a pesky pimple to appear, which is probably the last thing you want on the day of your shoot. As such, we would advise couples to relax, be positive and prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. It is also important to note that you and your partner are not actors who are used to being in front of the camera. Most importantly, you have to enjoy the filming process with your partner as this will be one of your special memories today.