a memorable wedding theme ideas

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There are so many wedding inspirations especially on Pinterest that allows you to create wedding themes that you like. You can be quite overwhelmed with the amount of selection available online so is important to roughly know what kind of theme both of you are going for. The theme can showcase the couple’s interest and personality. Typically, a wedding theme will consist of the venue, decorations, flowers, colour palettes, wedding invitation card and many other details.

1. Tropical Theme

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The tropical theme is a huge thing in Singapore as many couples would want to decorate their wedding venue filled with plants and flowers. There are many different types of tropical theme you can go for and if your wedding is outdoors nature’s greenery provides the backdrop hence saving some cost for artificial displays. It does not matter if your venue is indoor or outdoor as there are many ways to decorate it to fit this theme.

2. Movie or TV shows Theme

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Having a movie or TV show wedding theme is such a unique idea as not many couples would do it especially if there is a special meaning behind this particular movie or TV show theme such as first movie date. You can decorate the venue with items or even quote from the movie/TV shows where people could easily identify it from the shows. You would need to take account of your wedding decoration budget but you can always DIY things to help save cost or even bring certain things from your own home that represent this particular theme. Moreover, you can make your groomsmen and bridesmaid dress up related to the theme of it to make it more interesting and unique.

3. Rustic Theme

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Rustic wedding theme has been popular since 2017 and it is still in trend to date. The rustic theme would be incorporating wood pieces and consist of more earthy colours in the palettes. You can mix tropical, chic or colourful together with rustic as it can create another dimensional look.

4. Beach Theme

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Imagine yourself getting married on a bright sunny day at the beach with all the beach decorations and with the sea breeze blowing to your face. It will be so romantic and a very chill vibe as many of your guests would come in a more casual outfit. A beach theme will be to incorporate a lot more flowers, starfish, seashells in the decoration and the colour scheme would be more coral, yellow, brown and green.

5. Glamorous Wedding Theme

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It is a wedding that every young girl dream of having as an occasion like this is a once in a lifetime moment that it should be grand. There are many inspirational glamorous wedding online that you can recreate from. It is important to remember how much you have set aside for your budget so that you will not over budget. For a glamorous wedding theme, it will be to incorporate more centrepieces, dazzling decorations or tall decoration that will enhance the luxurious of it. The colour palettes for a glamorous theme would be black and gold to add some dimension to it.