A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the marriage of a couple. It is a joyous occasion where a couple invites their family and friends to witness this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

One thing for sure is when you attend a wedding there are always different types of people you will see at the ceremony and some may irk you or makes your guest experience as a guest much more entertaining.

These are the 8 types of wedding guests you might encounter at the wedding or perhaps even identify as one of them.

1. The kaypoh aunty who always ask, “When is your turn?”

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It will not take you long to realize that you have met this aunty at the wedding when you feel like she has been bombarding you with questions such as “Boy ah, got girlfriend already?” “Why never bring here and show aunty?” and if you happen to bring your plus one to the wedding she will always end up asking the ultimate question, “when is your turn to get married?”

It always the hard to avoid and just walk away from all these questions. Regardless, brace yourself because you will always see this nosy but well-meaning guest around all special occasions such as weddings and family gatherings.

2. The wedding police

This group of the guest is the people who evaluate on every single detail about the wedding from aesthetics to the food to everyone’s outfits. They will share with other people about these details and if they have the opportunity to have a conversation with the bride and groom or with their family they will be more than happy to upload their critical feedback.

3. The “party doesn’t start till I walk in”

At every wedding, there is bound to have someone who clearly did not see the seating time on the wedding invitation card and assume that is all right to be late for a wedding. He or she loves to be fashionably late and think that the wedding does not start without them. He or she is likely to revel in the attention and may not even feel the slightest bit embarrassed by it.

4. The Alcoholic

In every wedding there is always someone who drinks beyond their alcohol limits knowing that they are entitled to unlimited drinks and end up being too drunk. The person will love to yum seng (toast) for everything just to get a chance to drink. It will only get worse as the night goes on; progressing from walking unsteadily, talking loudly, to vomiting and embarrassing himself or herself.

5. The Instagram storyteller

In our present day and age, technology is part of daily life that we cannot live without. Social media platform has become so crucial in everybody’s life. There is always this person who would want to share every single moment with “fans” on their social media platform and go about snapping or taking videos of the entire wedding. Often, these people are so absorbed in posting an Instagram story that they do not realize they are blocking the way of other guests or the official photographer and videographer. It can be also very distracting for the bride and groom.

“The best moments of my life don’t make it to social media.” – Rosalynn Mejía

6. The Bachelor

There are always people who are single at the wedding and they might use this as an opportunity to meet new people in their life. They will never cease any opportunity to start a conversation with a new face. Wedding sometimes is the best place for men to showcase their charming side to the woman by interacting with them.

7. The Babysitter

At any wedding ceremony, there is bound to be children around. While their parents might be busy socializing, there is no need to worry about them because they will definitely be one person who loves children and would gladly offer their service to look after the children. They are truly the unsung heroes who allow the parents to enjoy their moments of reunion with their friends without thinking of their children.

8. The Emotional

A wedding ceremony is a heartwarming occasion for everybody. It is common for guests to shed some tears during the speeches in the ceremony. However, you will likely meet one person who is overly emotional, and their wailing cries might just have overpowered the speech.

These are the 8 types of wedding guests you will encounter or perhaps even identify as one of them. Ultimately, all these people make the wedding experience much more memorable.