8 things you forget when planning for your wedding

Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially when you have a job. There are a million and one things to do when it comes to planning a wedding, as there are so many details to take care of such as logistics, people and vendors to make sure that everything is perfect on the big day. It is impossible to remember every single detail, especially when your wedding is one or two weeks away.

Here are some steps you can take to help remind yourself of these details before your wedding day.

1) Designate a person to be the Day-Of Point

It is important to have a point of contract for your wedding, especially for vendors. You will be so busy on your big day that you will not have time to answer any phone calls. The bride or groom usually does not designate a person for this job as they assume that they will have the time to answer phone calls.

Whether you choose one of your bridesmaids or best men to be the Day-Of point contact, it is important that the person is aware of his or her duties. The person must be extremely responsible as he or she will have to manage any problems that crop up during the day and also run the show. You can always appoint different people for different duties so that it will not just be one person’s burden but a shared responsibility instead.

2) Finalise details and check with all the different vendors

It is important to make sure that you liaise and coordinate with all the different vendors and check in with them so that they do not forget anything. They should also frequently inform you about the latest updates regarding the venue set-up, guest headcount, dress, honeymoon trip (if you are planning to have it immediately after your wedding day).

3) Book beauty appointments

The period before your wedding day is a good time to pamper yourself so that you will look fresh for your wedding day. You can take this time to relax and enjoy yourself without thinking about the wedding planning. Brides pamper themselves by booking appointments for hair, massage, mani-pedi, facial and waxing while the groom can also book hair and facial appointments.

4) Ensure that your wedding attire is ready to go

Nobody will forget about their wedding attire but many people will forget to take it out to check if there are any creases and prepare any accessories that you will be pairing with the wedding dress and other outfits.

5) Pack the essentials

We are all guilty of packing things at the last minute and you would not want to miss anything out for your big day and your honeymoon the next day. On your big day, it will be so hectic that you will not have time to pack the things you will need for your wedding day and honeymoon, especially if you are leaving the next day. You will not want to forget any important items for your honeymoon that might spoil your mood. Packing early allows you to feel less stress knowing that you have everything in your bag and luggage. In order not to forget anything, it is important to make a checklist on the things you will need to bring such as guest book, stationery and an extra set of clothes.

6) Assign responsibilities to different bridesmaids and groomsmen

Besides having a day-of contact for all your guests who will also be overseeing everything, you should meet your bridesmaids and groomsmen before your wedding day so that you can assign different responsibilities for each of them on the big day. Even though you have your maid-of-honor or best man for the day of contact, the rest should also have a role to play on your big day as there are many things happening on that day and it will be difficult for one or two people to handle everything. You can assign one or two people to help out at the reception table, tea ceremony and other duties. You can also take this time to pass them any important information such as the guest list and vendors’ numbers.

7) Practice your vows and thank you speech

You should already have written your vows and speeches at the earlier stages of wedding planning. It is important to practice and prepare so that on the day of your wedding, you will not say the wrong words or choke on your words as you will be feeling very emotional on that day. It is important to let your partner hear your vows and speech so that you will know if anything needs to be changed and can adjust your tone if necessary.

8) Look after yourself

In the midst of this busy time, it is crucial to take good care of yourself to make sure that you do not fall sick during your wedding day. It is important to eat healthily, drink a lot of water and sleep early so as to ensure that your body and skin will be in the best of shape. Keep yourself not only physically healthy but also mentally sound amidst as the stress of wedding planning.