8 Questions to ask your videographer when planning your wedding

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

1) What is your style of videography?

This question should be something that you have a rough gauge of what the video production company is doing before even meeting the wedding videographer Singapore. When you meet the videographer, they will be able to explain to you in detail what their company style is like such as cinematic, indie, documentary and retro and what do they focus on more during the video process.

For Forte Visuals, our company specialises in documentary style, which focuses on audio, and visuals and they also like to add interaction through the use of voice-overs or moments they capture during the interview. We emphasis on wanting to bring out the story of the couple as every couple has a unique story to share.

2) Is the videographer you are meeting will be filming on that day itself?

It is good to meet the videographer before the wedding so you will be able to recognize him or her on the day itself. Meeting the videographer prior to the wedding day allows you to build a connection with a videographer and you can share what are your needs and thought of certain things that you would love them to focus more on during the video taking process.

3) How long will it take to edit the video?

Nowadays most wedding couple would want a video to be shown during lunch or dinner and this requires an editor to edit the video in a limited time constraint. It depends on what the packages you have bought provides, as there are different such as same-day edit or full highlights video. For most cases, same day edit will be shown during the lunch or dinner and for the full highlights, it will take more than a duration of 3 weeks to edit and produce after the wedding is over.

4) Do I need to provide meals for the videographer team?

Most of the time videographer team would be constantly shooting and it will be tough for them to pack food for themselves and the editor will be rushing out to get their video done to showcase on the end of the day. It is important for the videographer to capture all the different moment on the day itself.

5) How is the payment like?

It is essential to ask this question as some companies would require full amount before the wedding day or some would ask for a deposit before the day itself. It is important to ask the company when are you required to pay the rest of the following deposit, as you would not want to deemed as a late paying customer.

6) Can I make changes after seeing the video?

Many couples’ like you would want to know if it is possible to make the changes after they had a look at the video for the first time as you might have something you want them to add more of. Usually, for same day edit, it is almost impossible to re-edit because of time restraint. For a same day video edit, editor have to rush to churn out the edited video in order for it to be played at the wedding dinner or lunch. On the other hand, full day highlights will usually be completed a few weeks after your wedding is over and most company would show you. if you happen to feel that some portions need to be re-edited for any particular reason, it could be done. Most of the time there would not be any further cost unless it requires countless re-edits and usually for cases like this, it will be stated in the details before you purchase the package.

7) What is the backup plan if the videographer is unable to make it?

A wedding is a big day for any couple and you would want everything to run perfectly on the day itself. Asking this question allows you to know if the company is prepared if the videographer is unable to make it. For Forte Visuals, if any of our videographers falls ill or any other reason that they unable to make it, we would substitute with another team member who is equal or better quality and we will inform the client.

8) What other information do you need from me?

It is very important to keep us in a loop with what your wedding schedule will be like so the videographer will roughly know where he or she will need to be at what time. They are able to plan their shots for the different segment so that they are able to deliver the best shots. It is also important to let your videographer know who are your family members so that they will make sure they are able to capture all your loved ones on your special day.

In addition, if you have a preferred song choice for both your same day edit and your full highlights video. Usually, a more upbeat song is preferred for the same day edit, while a slower paced some is recommended for your full highlights video. Some couples enquire if it is possible to use the same song for both videos but we would generally not recommend that, as a repetition of the song will make the video less engaging.