7 ways to spend lesser on your wedding and still make it good

In the previous article, we mentioned whether it is worth it to spend so much on a wedding.

In this week’s article, it will be about the 7 ways to make your wedding more affordable and save considerable costs but still looks good.

1) Be selective with who you put on the guest list

It is quite nerve-racking to think about whom to invite for a wedding. For most Singaporeans, it is the norm for parents to write a list of whom they want to invite, such as their friends and family. Most parents are very proud that their child is getting married and they would want to boast to the world by inviting everyone including all the friends that they might not even be close to. The Bride and Groom will have their own individual groups of people they intend to invite and although some of them might not be close friends, they feel obligated to invite these people. However, this will result in additional costs to the wedding.

To save costs, the best way is to sit down with both parents and the couple and write down a list of the people you want to invite and eliminate them one by one if you feel that it is not necessary to invite them. Sometimes it is best to have lesser people at the wedding, as it will be more intimate which is more meaningful and sincere.

2) DIY decoration

Nowadays, many people have changed from hiring a company to help them do decorations for a wedding ceremony to doing it on their own. As many people browse Pinterest for inspiration, they would have gathered ideas on how to do it themselves and this will help to save quite a bit from the wedding budget. Things that could be decorated using DIY are bridal car decorations, the reception table and church aisle decorations. You can even get your talented friends who have a gift in DIY to help in the church decorations. In this way, you can even use this time to catch up with your friend who is helping you.

3) Food and Beverage alternatives

If you are planning to have your wedding a church or non-hotel venues, you can always opt for a buffet for lunch/dinner. However, the buffet does not necessarily mean that the standard of food will be affected as there are many caterers in the market that serve a wide range of good quality buffet food for events. You can always make the buffet table more exciting and engaging for guests by having a theme so that decorations will match the entire wedding theme or even having booths for a certain dessert or food.

If you are really against the idea of having a buffet for the wedding, you can book a restaurant rather than a hotel ballroom. In a restaurant, the prices will cheaper than at the ballroom and it will definitely be grander than having it at a hotel.

4) Electronic invitation card

Picture source Freeseek.org

Technology has taken the world by storm. Many businesses have taken most of their products and services online, such as electronic vouchers and e-cards. Creating your own invitation card makes it sincerer and more meaningful. Moreover, sending electronic cards will save a lot of money and on top of it, you will be saving the environment too. In addition, online RSVPs make it faster and more convenient to consolidate. If you are doing the RSVP online, you will most likely get a response from the majority of the guests quickly. It is also important to include your number or even home address so that the elderly who are not tech-savvy are still able to RSVP.

5) Rent a wedding dress or buying it online

A wedding dress is a hefty expense and nowadays renting a dress can still be costly, as many vendors know that not many brides would want to purchase a brand new one.

You can consider purchasing it online from sites such as Taobao or Ezbuy. You might be shocked by their prices and if it does not fit perfectly, you can always alter it. However, the quality of the dress might not be as good as renting from a bridal shop. You can look around for sample sales as this is still able to find a designer dress at an affordable price and the quality will be top notch.

6) Plan and book all location earlier

It is always best to plan earlier in the different component such as finding a location for the ceremony, banquet, photo shoot and bridal packages. Sometimes the benefit could be an early bird discount. A tip could be to sign up for deals by subscribing to the different vendor newsletters and if they have any promotion codes, you will be one of the first to know about it and get the best deal.

7) Off- season wedding

Plan a wedding that is not during the wedding season as some vendors will increase the price of their package during the peak season. You can try to book a wedding during the April to September period as the prices for hotel, restaurant and flowers will be more reasonable. In addition, if you have a wedding during the non-peak season, you will more likely be able to get the dates you desire.

As everyone knows, the venue of the wedding plays a huge part in the budget and if you pick an off peak season, you will most probably will get a discount. It is never easy to plan for a wedding because you have to worry about the cost of it. Wedding expenses can be painful but knowing what you really want for a wedding and making sure you do not go over the budget for the different components help you keep your costs low.