6 Wedding questions you didn’t know to ask

Planning a wedding is never an easy task on top of your busy schedule such as social and work life. All these questions seem to be at the back of our head but somehow when it is our turn to plan for our big day we never seem to voice out and ask these questions. You would not want to screw up during your wedding day so is important to have a wedding rehearsal so that you will know how the wedding flows.

1. What side are we supposed to stand on during the ceremony?

Have you ever wondered if the groom is supposed to stand on the right or left side?

In a Christian ceremony, the groom usually stands on the right side and the bride usually stands on the left side. There are many different kinds of explanations in which why a groom usually stands on the right side of the altar and bride on the left. One of the explanation is that men and women used to sit separately in church, with the men sitting on the right side and women sitting on the left.

2. Where should you put your engagement ring during the ceremony?

On your big day, you can wear your engagement ring on your right hand or one of your bridesmaids can hold in for you. During the ceremony, your husband will be placing the wedding band on the left hand ring finger. Many people believed the vein in the fourth finger of your left hand is directly connected to your heart. There are many who wear their engagement ring than wedding band or continue to wear the engagement band on the right hand.

3. Who is responsible for lifting the bride’s veil?

There are many options in who should be the one lifting the bride’s veil. The father of the bride can be the one lifting the veil when they both reach the end of the aisle as he hands over the bride to the groom. Another choice would be that the after they exchange vows and have been announced by the officiant as husband and wife, the groom will lift the veil.

Nowadays in modern wedding, the groom will lift up the bride’s veil and kiss her after he completed all the challenges set by the bridesmaids at the gate-crashing.

4. How should we kiss?

The wedding kiss is meaningful as it will be your first kiss as a married couple. It does not need to be just a peck but instead something that both of you are comfortable with. All your guests will be watching both of you. Having those hundred pairs of eyes fixated upon you and your partner may be nerve-racking so it is best not to surprise your partner by doing something out of the extraordinary.

5. How should I greet and thank by guests?

Many of the times the groom will stand at the reception area and greet the guests by taking time to talk to them. A newlywed couple can also greet or thank their guests during the dinner or lunch by going to each table during the first course. Also, they will make a short speech thanking guests for coming and saying their heartfelt message for their parents and close friends. It is important to prepare the speech as it will be hard to do an impromptu speech on the day of the wedding. There will be a lot of emotions and you will not be able to express it. At the end of the wedding, most of the time, the bride and groom will stand at the entrance and do a handshake with their guest for taking their time off to come for the wedding.

6. What does the couple do during the cake cutting?

The centrepiece of a wedding would normally be a wedding cake and it is typically situated to be at the side of the stage. Most of the wedding cake has multi-tiered but not all of the layers are edible. This multi-tiered wedding cake tradition does not originate from Asian but from the western culture. During the cake cutting ceremony, both the bride and groom will cut the cake together as their first activity together as a married couple. After cutting the cake, the bride and groom will take turns to feed each other a piece of the cake. Nowadays, the bride and groom do not cut the entire cake up, they will leave to the banquet staff to do it.