5 reasons you’ll regret not hiring a wedding videographer

There are many couples who do not prioritise hiring a videographer as their main concern when they are budgeting for their wedding. Many people feel that engaging a photographer alone is able to capture the moment on the big day.

However, a video is able to express another form of dimension as a wedding videographer is able to use the videos to capture and share a unique love story that allows anyone who is watching the video to feel the emotions.

Here are 5 reasons you will regret not hiring a wedding videographer

1. Reminisce the moment again

Your big day might seem like a flash for you that you actually cannot remember exactly how it went about that day. There were so many emotions running through your mind on your wedding day. It is impossible for you to remember every single thing that happened on your wedding day. As a wedding videographer, he or she is able to capture the different things that might be happening on your wedding day such as both of you saying the vows, wedding kiss, gatecrash and other details. You are able to watch your wedding video countless time to revive the moment and you can even show your future children or even grandchildren.

2. Video able to capture moments that photos are unable to portrait

Most of the times, couples always feel that hiring a photographer is essential. However, a video is able to capture another different form of live moments compared to viewing the wedding photos. The moment when the bride or the groom are saying the speech vows, the wedding kiss and the genuine emotions displayed by your loved ones on that day are so precious that it is hard to come by. With a videographer, they are able to capture these snapshots in a video and with it, you can watch and relive these moments again. The videographer is able to capture the many emotions such as joy and happiness during your wedding that you will truly cherish.

3. Seeing things that you would not have seen it

If you are the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids or groomsmen, you will be busy on that day and it is impossible for you to be at multiple places to witness what is going on. Having a videographer on your wedding day to capture the different events such as gatecrash at the house while the bride is hiding in the nuptial room and the expression of your loved ones when you are saying the vows and speeches.

4. Able to share your wedding video on social media

In today’s world, everyone is into sharing their daily life on their social media accounts. Having your wedding recorded, allows you to share this joyous occasion with all your beloved ones. Most video production company will provide you with the raw footage. You can share it on your social media platform and also be able to show this to your future children.

5. Videographer expertise

Some couple would want to save money by hiring their friend to take a video of their wedding but you might regret this decision if you are planning to do so. A wedding videographer is well-trained to know how to capture these precious moments from the start to the end of it. A video production company have the required types of equipment for them to create the best angle. Beside a videographer, there will be an editor that will piece the right fragments from all the different videos taken into one video. This video will showcase the highlights of your wedding after the magic of editing is done.