5 considerations when picking a wedding venue in Singapore

One of the biggest factors to consider when planning a wedding is the venue. When searching for a perfect venue to hold their wedding, there are many different aspects to be considered.

Here are 5 factors of consideration to help you decide what you should give thought to when picking a wedding venue.

#1 Budget

Budget is always the number one factor when considering a wedding venue. It is important to decide as a couple how much you are willing to spend on a venue so that you will not have a big hole in your pocket. Once the budget has been set, finding a venue that fits your budget will be much easier.

#2 Know your number of guests

The second factor would be having a rough gauge on how many people you are planning to invite to your wedding. This is to ensure that the venue is spacious enough to hold the number of guests you are inviting. Quick tip: Do remember to ask the person in charge on when you need to confirm the guest list by as most of the time there will always be a change in the number of guests.

#3 Availability of the venue

There is no point looking at a venue if they are not available on the day of your wedding date. Most of the time a couple has already decided on their auspicious wedding date before looking for a venue. Before fantasizing on how you wish to plot your wedding to be at your chosen venue, make sure to check the availability of the place. This gives you a rough gauge on how many people would be at that venue itself and amount of resources the venue can provide. Certain small details such as how many weddings will be held concurrently at the same venue should also be taken note of. This is an affecting factor as there might be limited car park spaces for your guests and crowded restrooms.

#4 Style or theme

Every couple would want their wedding to be of a certain style that they desire. Hence, the venue is an important factor to consider, as it must be able to compliment the theme and style the couple is heading for. An important question to ask the vendor is they able to do the decoration or you have to come out with your own decoration to fit the theme you want. There are many different styles such as rustic, bohemian vibe, nautical wedding, and retro that you can make your wedding more unique. Once you set on whether you want your wedding to be indoor or outdoor, hotel or restaurant or different kind of venue and the style of it that make sure to make a trip down to the different venue that you are interested to check the suitability of the venue.

#5 Check out past review

Every venue vendor will promote and sell their venue package the best they can and they will always choose to tell you what they are good at and not what they are lacking at. The best way to have an honest review will be from people who had actually held their wedding at the location itself and how they felt hosting their wedding at that specific location. Their honest opinion will definitely aid in the selection of your wedding venue.

After you found your perfect wedding venue remember to read the contract properly with the terms and conditions in case there are any additional costs and find out how is the payment like.