To all our couples of 2020, as the covid-19 situation is worsening and causing many of you to be worried about the postponement of your wedding. We hope to give our couples peace of mind with our newly implemented policies.


  1. We are allowing couples who are affected by the Covid-19 preventive measures to postpone their actual day wedding to any dates within 2020 without any additional cost. This will be subjected to the availability of our Videographers and Editors. (Please refer to point 3 for wedding postponements to 2021)

  2. For couples who are intending to split their wedding into two different days, there will be an additional charge of $500. This payment is to be made in full within 3 days upon receiving the invoice.

  3. For 2020 couples looking to postpone their actual day wedding to 2021, there will be certain terms and conditions that we will need you to adhere to:

  • Couples are only allowed to postpone their actual day wedding within a year of their original wedding date.

  • There will be a few dates in 2021 that will be restricted. Please refer to the list below.

    • January 2021

      • 2nd & 30th​

    • March 2021

      • 20th​

    • April 2021

      • 24th​

    • May 2021

      • 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd​

    • June 2021

      • 12th & 26th​

    • July 2021

      • 3rd & 31st​

    • August 2021

      • 7th​

    • October 2021

      • 9th​ & 23rd

    • November 2021

      • 20th

    • December 2021

      • 11th & 18th​

  • There will be 2 options for confirming postponements for 2021 dates:

    • Option 1: Payment of remaining 50% balance to secure 2021 wedding date​.

    • Option 2: Top up the price difference of our new rates in our 2021 rate card. 

  • To confirm either options, a new invoice will be issued and payment is to be made in full within 3 days upon receiving the invoice.

  • We would recommend couples to choose option 1 to avoid paying more at the end of the day.


Principal Videographer (Junior Chew)

6 hours package - $400

7 hours package - $450

8 hours package - $500

9 hours package - $550

10 hours package - $600

JR Principal Videographer (Stephen/Hong)

6-10 hours package - $100

Package with Yipmage Moments

10 hours photography + videography (Junior) - $950

10 hours photography + videography (Stephen/Hong) - $500

Package with Depth Of Tales

10 hours photography + videography (Junior) - $500

10 hours photography + videography (Stephen/Hong) - $100


In the unfortunate event where we are unable to find a common date to settle on the postponement, we allow the amount that is deposited to be used as credits for other services such as creating a pre-wedding film, corporate shoots, any event shoots. This credit is valid for a year from the initial agreed wedding date and is only redeemable for new services.


At this tough period of time, we wish that we can all help one another to get through this together. We would like to view this situation as a natural cause, similar to death of a family member, accidents and other possible acts of god that we would never wish it to happen.


In the event of cancellation of service, the deposit will not be refundable. We are keeping the deposit due to opportunity cost and other factors which we hope you all can understand. Do note that this is only applicable to services under Forte Visuals Productions and it is not applicable to photographers that we collaborate with. Please refer to their company policies for clarifications. 


  • In the event that anyone (bride, groom, videographer or editor) is quarantined or contacted with the covid-19 virus causing a stoppage to the the wedding or videography service, we will refer to the last resort section. 

  • Payment will need to be swift to secure your dates quickly as there will be many like yourself who are postponing their wedding as well. In order to minimize any clash of dates, we will have to adhere by our priority queue system.

  • Priority queue system basically tags you in an ascending order, priority 1 being the couple with the top priority. Your priority numbers are given to you based on a first come first serve basis, you will be asked to fill in a google form with the date you are most like to postpone your wedding to. If priority 2 decides to confirm first, priority 1 will be informed and will be given 24 hours to get back to us. If priority 1 does not respond within 24 hours, the top priority will be given to priority 2. 

We wish to help all our couples in this tough period of time and hopefully restore some faith in the wedding industry. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you all and stay safe!